Capacities and material specifications

Solid Surface is a mineral-acrylic material consisting of 2/3 mineral filler and 1/3 acrylic and combines the best properties of both. Solid Surface is a material which, even after a very long period of use, retains all its original properties. That is why you can be sure that even after many years of use it will look as good and fresh as it did after installation. It gives unlimited freedom of shaping interiors, especially those of a higher standard. It is hygienic (no pores or gaps), easy to keep clean (smooth and homogeneous), it can be combined with its different colour varieties and the colour palette is very rich. elements glued into it (e.g. a sink glued into a worktop) form a monolith (no visible joints). It is warm to the touch, takes on the ambient temperature, does not sustain smoking, is not discoloured and is non-absorbent. Resistant to chemicals and abrasion, hard (on the Mohs scale 4 to 5), it can be repaired and renewed without leaving any traces.