stół Krause

We have also found applications for the Corian material we use in the living room, boardroom or dining room. All kinds of tables: coffee tables, benches, small decorative tables or large dining tables. In all cases our solutions will work.

Tailor-made dining tables with various fancy legs and top shapes are our speciality. If you furnish your kitchen or dining room comprehensively with us, you can adjust the table or cabinets and shelves to fit your kitchen worktop.

Living room tables of our production are a great alternative. One of our realizations is a bench with a pot in the middle, in which plants can grow. It is a non-standard decoration and will surely attract your guests’ attention.

One of the more interesting table solutions, our realisation is the Odessey table, which captivates with its form and colour. A table with exceptional shapes. Thanks to the cut-out holes and the combination of several colours it achieves the effect of a three-dimensional surface.

Stół Odyssey

Another of our proposals are cabinets, shelves, chests of drawers. Produced to measure we adjust them to the needs of the interior. By combining colours we can achieve interesting effects. Solid Surface material looks good when combined with wood, which is why we often use this option, e.g. by adding a wooden door to a chest of drawers or legs to support a cabinet.


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