Hospital interiors, operating theatres or doctors’ surgeries, all these places require specialist solutions, with hygienic approvals, non-porous surface resistant to bacteria and chemical substances. Solid Surface material of corian type meets these requirements and at the same time allows to design an elegant and aesthetic interior.


Wall cladding in operating theatres is a simple solution giving the best results. It provides hygienic space necessary for all types of treatments. The non-porous surface and invisible joints in Solid Surface material provide protection against dangerous pathogens such as bacteria and germs. All attestations and a wide range of colours that allow you to match the interior convince more and more investors and architects to use our solutions.

okładzina sala operacyjna
okładzina sala operacyjna

Working space in doctors’ offices is another of our proposals. A table top for a nurse or a doctor made of mineral-acrylic material is a durable solution for years, easy to disinfect. Shelves for medicines and various types of medical equipment adapted to the workspace will maintain a uniform design and facilitate work thanks to their functionality.


Hospital bathrooms are another of the places that require extraordinary care for cleanliness and disinfection. Due to the high density of the material on which we work, frequent washing and chemicals will not damage the surface. Our solutions will ensure the highest standards, matching the needs of people with limited mobility.


Our projects have already appeared in several hospitals in Poland and we have plans for the next ones.

 If you are interested in our offer, we encourage you to contact our specialists to answer all your questions.