Interior design elements made of composites are becoming increasingly popular. Solid Surface is a mineral-acrylic material with excellent performance characteristics.

This modern material, consisting of two-thirds natural minerals and one-third acrylic resin, guarantees unlimited application possibilities.

Solid Surface is most commonly used in the interior design industry, especially kitchens and bathrooms, kitchen worktops and washbasin modules. It can also be used in the production of reception counters, bars, shops and specialist furniture.

A wide selection of thicknesses, structures, shapes and colors gives Solid Surface a great advantage and allows customers to create their dream interiors.


Long-term durability

The mineral-acrylic material is resistant to mechanical damage, harmful chemicals and microorganisms. By polishing the surface it is possible to restore its original appearance, remove damage, cavities and scratches.

Easy to clean

The material is very easy to keep clean. It does not corrode or oxidize and is dirt-resistant. Heavy soiling can be removed with water with detergent.

Solid structure

Thanks to the hardness and compactness of the structure, it is resistant to cracking and dirt. Thermoplastic properties allow to obtain any shape, and special adhesives allow invisible joining of surfaces.

Safety in use

The material meets the strictest sanitary standards, thanks to its high density it does not absorb any dirt. It works in public buildings: clinics, hospitals, banks, hotels, restaurants, toilets, laboratories. It takes the ambient temperature, is non-flammable.

Unlimited shapes and wide range of colours

The offer includes uniform colours as well as patterns characteristic for natural stones. Thanks to the innovative technology, the pigment is present on the whole thickness of the surface, which makes it impossible to see any loss or colour difference in case of abrasion or damage.

Available colours: