Outdoor lighting


The exterior lamps we have made are durable and weather-resistant. This is an extremely important aspect in the creation of a product that will be permanently outside.


The pigment and structure of the material do not fade even in very sunny places. This is due to the porosity of the material. Thanks to the density comparable to that of glass, no dirt penetrates into the surface and is easy to clean with water and liquid. 


Our garden and terrace lamps give a light glow (through half the transparency of the material) giving a pleasant atmosphere in summer evenings.

totem z numerem domu

Lamps at the driveway to the house are a functional solution, but can also be a decoration. By choosing the right colour, shape and type of illumination, they will attract the eyes of many visitors. The set can also include the house number or the whole address. One solution is to place such number on the facade or fence. But if the area in front of the house is larger, the number can be a separate lamp in the form of a free-standing totem.


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