Oval and Circum


CIRCUM washbasin is one of the classic wash basins of our design. As the name suggests, the shape of the bowl is a circle, the most frequently chosen option. The classic form and minimalist design convince everyone who likes to have a simple and restrained interior. The washbasin is available in two versions: top and under-top. In the option of overlapping the top or cabinet, the outer edges are straight. The bottom of the bowl can be finished flat or semi-circular.

Circum bathroom

OVAL washbasin is another classic shape of the washbasin we offer, made of Solid Surface material. The oval shapes are suitable for longer bathroom worktops. Through a wider surface, the bowls are more comfortable to use and optically extend the wash basin space in the bathroom. OVAL is available in top and under-top versions. The solution mounted on a countertop can be a standing oval bowl or have straight external walls (perpendicular to the countertop). Oval washbasins have a round bottom with the possibility of adding an overflow system. 

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