The space for the youngest in shopping malls usually appears in the form of small playgrounds, where children will be able to spend a few moments of their shopping break on play. Using Solid Surface material in this area is a relatively fresh idea.


Non-porous surface and invisible joints provide optimal protection against bacteria and germs. It is hygienic, stain and discolouration resistant, so it works very well in contact with children.


plac zabaw
plac zabaw siedziska

Wide range of moulding and thermoforming possibilities give the possibility to make fancy shapes of walls, tunnels, corners, seats and shelves. A wide range of colours allows us to create a colourful, fairytale world for the youngest. Thanks to the colouring on the whole thickness of the board, even when using and rubbing the material, the colour will still remain. This is a solution that will last for years.


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