Bathroom module Qbik


The QBIK bathroom module is a combination of Solid Surface materials and wood. The system consists of a built-in toilet and washbasin mixer, and also uses the side space for storing the necessary bathroom accessories. We have prepared two variants of bathroom modules.



qbik otwarty
qbik zamknięty

The open version is a system that consists of shelves at the washbasin and toilet. Additional space for cosmetics, toothbrushes or other bathroom accessories is always welcome. Ladies in particular will be pleased with the space next to the wash basin that they can use for themselves.

The closed module is a system consisting of locking cargo cabinets at the toilet and wash basin, which are ideal for storing towels, cosmetics etc. The option of closing the cabinets makes it easier to clean and keep things tidy, therefore it is very convenient and functional.


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