The StE table family offers a wide range of different solutions to choose from. It includes both small tables and folding tables dedicated to vis-a-vis seating arrangements. The tables can be made in various material standards that comply with European railway standards. This model has the option of combining Corian type material with a wood-like top in various shades.


Small wall-mounted tables mainly intended for installation in carriages with compartments. They have the option of adding a waste basket mounted under the top. There is a non-slip sticker on the table top so that you can safely put your small items on the table during the journey.

Ste dwie wersje
Ste dwustronne

A table with a steel structure dedicated to the seating arrangement vis-a-vis with the possibility of adding an induction panel with phone pockets is a modern solution. Looking ahead to the future, where such solutions will be the order of the day, we already want to add such a possibility to our products. We can add an electrical socket to the table design in the central part of the table, so that it is easily accessible for all travellers.


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