Warm windowsills


External window sills made of Solid Surface material are not only an aesthetic finish of the building’s facade. By using a styrodur insert we eliminate the effect of a thermal bridge. The heat transfer coefficient is 1.5 times lower than in granite window sills. This means that our solution helps to save energy used to heat the house or flat. Thanks to the wide range of colours of the material, our window sills will fit any facade.

ciepłe parapety

In our offer we have prepared 3 thicknesses of window sills to choose from, 12mm, 25mm, 35mm. In the premium version the window sill is closed from below. This solution increases the aesthetic value of the product and extends its life.


There are also additional options available, which will allow the sill to fit perfectly to the elevation. Adding water drainage and cutting drops will help prevent rainwater from dripping on the wall at the ends of the window sill, which in time will leave stains and patches.


You will find more about warm window sills in the catalogue

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