Solid Surface in interior design: modern acsesories that give character

Contemporary interiors are distinguished not only by their functionality, but also by their aesthetics and unique style. More and more people are looking for solutions that will allow them to give their homes and rooms an individual character. One of the most popular materials used in modern interior design is the so-called. Solid Surface. It is an extremely versatile and functional material that can be used to create a variety of accessories such as vases, planters and much more.

What is Solid Surface?

Solid Surface is a type of synthetic material that is composed of minerals, acrylic resins and pigments. Thanks to this, it has a uniform and smooth surface that resembles natural stone. It is worth noting that this material is seamless, which means that the joints between the elements are practically invisible. This makes accessories made of Solid Surface look elegant and modern.


Solid Surface vases and planters

donica kuchenna połączona z blatem, Solid Surface

Solid Surface is perfect as a material for vases and pots. Thanks to its durability and resistance to moisture, it can be freely used both indoors and outdoors. These additions perfectly match both minimalist and more extravagant arrangements. Vases and pots made of Solid Surface are available in various shapes and sizes, thanks to which they can be matched to any type of plants and interior design.

Unique design

Solid Surface offers unlimited possibilities in creating unique patterns and shapes. Thanks to the flexibility of the material, you can create round, wavy, asymmetric or even complex geometric forms. Design is limited only by the designer’s imagination. Solid Surface accessories often attract attention and are an interesting decorative element.


A rich color palette is another advantage of Solid Surface. Shades can be matte, glossy or semi-matte, which allows you to adjust the accessories to the character of the interior. In addition, the solid color of the material is uniform, and scratches or damage can be easily repaired, preserving the original appearance of the element.

Ease of care

Vases, pots and other accessories made of Solid Surface are very easy to care for. The material is resistant to mold and bacteria, which means that regular cleaning with water and a mild detergent is enough to keep them looking fresh for many years.

Use in other additives

In addition to vases and planters, Solid Surface can be used to create many other additions, such as lamps, candlesticks, wall art, countertops and much more. This material perfectly combines with wood, metal or glass, which allows you to create interesting and modern compositions.Oprócz wazonów i donic, Solid Surface może być wykorzystywany do tworzenia wielu innych dodatków, takich jak lampy, świeczniki, sztuki ścienne, blaty i wiele innych. Materiał ten doskonale łączy się z drewnem, metalem czy szkłem, co pozwala na tworzenie ciekawych i nowoczesnych kompozycji.

Solid Surface is a versatile and modern material that is perfect for interior design and creating unique additions. Vases, flower pots, lamps or other elements made of Solid Surface add character and elegance to the rooms, and are also a practical solution due to their durability and ease of care. A wide range of colors and the ability to create a variety of patterns make Solid Surface a growing interest among designers and lovers of modern design. If you are looking for unusual additions to your interior, it is worth paying attention to the possibilities offered by this fascinating material.