The RECTI wash basin series is based on square, simple shapes. Various bottom finishes and a choice of top or underside options make RECTI the largest family of our products. The basins are made of Solid Surface material, which is why they are ideal for heavy damp bathroom conditions. RECTI 1 is a basic version of a washbasin with a flat, square bottom and a central drain in the middle of the bowl. It comes in a version mounted on a bathroom countertop or built in under the countertop.  The RECTI 2 washbasin has an oval bottom and the drain is mounted in the middle of the bowl. Thanks to its rounded bottom, the washbasin is easy to keep clean. The countertop version is square-mounted and placed on the countertop or cabinet. The washbasin is also available in the under-top version.

Recti 1
Recti 3

The solution with a slanted bottom is a modern look. RECTI 3 washbasins are available in both top and bottom versions. An overflow system is not possible in this option. The linear drain is a modern solution that fits perfectly into the sloping bottom of the washbasin. The under-counter top option is adapted for disabled people. After installing additional handles in the top, the whole thing makes it even easier to drive up to the washbasin on a wheelchair. More information in the catalogue. 

All RECTI washbasins come from the Bathroom design catalogue. We invite you to get to know it.

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